#055 – Learn from the UX/UI PRO

I have just met a UX/UI specialist!!! Haha. Don’t ask me why, not yet. I treat this meeting as a classroom! As I have learned so many new things from him.

First time I heard the word “Vertical” being used as “Need”. So during market research, we need to know the “Verticals” of target audience and build an application based on those. šŸ¤” AGREE?!

Interesting reminder is, most of the time should be spent on researching and testing. Before developing the real application (mobile app for example), we need to fully understand what’s problem to be solved, what do customers want, what benefits the users and etc. After all the researches, then build a simple mock product real quick (using some tools). That’s the time to collect data (as in users’ feedback), then based on those data, improvise the product and make intelligent decisions! šŸ‘šŸ» šŸ‘šŸ» šŸ‘šŸ» This could save up a lot of time and investment (So True!!!).

Oh if you ask me what’s UI and UX. They are User Interface (Look & Feel) and User eXperience (Flow and Interaction). That’s what the pro has explained to me. Very Chim right?

Ok lah, I write this Chim things down to note down what I have learned. The key sharing here for you is; meet more Pro people and learn from them, this is a good way to expand your horizon and knowledge. Sometimes talking to them could be very inspiring, and perhaps problems could be solved by their advices. Right?

So please find opportunity to talk to me lah, then your horizon will be expanded and you will be inspired. Hahahaha if you know what I am joking here.

#55 – Learn from the PROs

P/S: I heard of an interesting website/company/application from him, it is named Fetlife. Hahaha. Find it out urself!

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