#054 – Slow and Steady wins the game

Just like the famous Rabbit and tortoise story, the tortoise wins because he is slow but steady, ultimately he wins. That’s why the saying “slow and steady wins the game” exists. Even though the story doesn’t kinda make sense, ok la, a primary school story ma.

Then this morning I watch NAS Daily a bit, Nas shared that why he never stops videoing, working, and posting every single day. The reason is because of a story (again).

There are two writers; one writes everyday with many bad stories. Another one spends a year just to write one perfect story. So by the time year ends, the first writer has written 365 stories and the second has just written 1. So who should be a better writer? Of course… the first writer lah.

I am inspired!!! Hahaha or rather encouraged. My blog has ultra low viewership, not many people like it, but I will still continue to write, I wanna be the very best!!! Hahaha

It is true that many times we don’t dare to take a step because we think we are not good enough. That’s why we are stuck and couldn’t have a breakthrough. There are way too many moments as such happen in my life! Lack of confidence then I lose the opportunities.

We shouldn’t! Learn the tortoise, step by step, slow and steady, confident and persistent, then I believe we can really achieve what we want in life.

So I am not gonna give up this blog, but…

Support me lahhhhh

#054 – Slow and steady wins the game

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