#053 – Be humble lah!

OK, humility is OVERRATED, Asians are over-humble! hahaha do you agree? I agree, compared to foreign people (US or Europe), we are kinda too humble. haha. But that’s the wise man’s teaching, isn’t it? We, Chinese, are taught to be humble as this is one of the important virtues. I also agree with this, humility is definitely an important attitude in life. Look at big successful people, they are humble, like Buffett, Bill Gates, etc.

I have a story to tell.

One day, in a Panda’s village, a senior Panda just came back from an oversea adventure, a new task was assigned to the senior Panda by the Chief Panda. The chief wanted the senior to estimate some man hours to build a castle but the builder is another group of Pandas. Then the senior Panda told some junior Pandas: “I don’t know how to estimate, if I am the one building it, it will take a very short time, but at the same time, I don’t want to spoil the market, headache man”. Naturally, the junior Pandas had high expectation on the senior as he was so confident and “efficient”. Soon a project was assigned to the senior and a junior panda tagged along. The project was estimated to be 2 months, but quoting what the senior had said, he shouldn’t need too long. Who knows, the junior needed to micro-manage the senior so that the project could be completed soon as he has already taken 4 months in the project. Of course, this wasn’t entirely the senior’s fault, just that he had heightened the expectation. If he was humble, the junior Panda wouldn’t mind so much. In short, humility is really a virtue. Be Humble lah!

Sometimes I love to boast about something especially my past glory. I know I shouldn’t so I have to consciously control myself to be humble. You may say I am fake but I don’t think boasting is good. So I need to practice hard to be humble especially when my ego is well fed for some reasons. Or else I would say something that makes me sound like the Senior Panda. Wakaka. Ok, not a complaint, just a reflection from a cute panda story came into my mind.

Let me end this with a quote:

“A great man is always willing to be little” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

#053 – Be Humble Lah!

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