#052 – Life Partnership is a blessing

Again, I witness another lovely couple tie the knot today. It is definitely a joyful occasion and a wonderful blessing. To be able to find someone to step into a marriage, it is not so easy loh, as u can see… me… ALAMAK! WAH PIANG! OK, I shall stop, it is way too sad… hahahaha. There are a few more friends’ weddings coming, is this an INSULT!!!? I shouldn’t go liao! hahaha.

But to find a lifelong partner, we Chinese always say, it is a FATE. The right person appears at the right time and right place, and the right opportunity to create the right spark. Phew, it’s such a complicated equation. Of course, we can chin chai lah, but suffering will come loh. So it is best to think twice, sorry not twice, but many times! However, it is all because I think too much, only then I am still single I guess. hahaha. OK, NOT GONNA ELABORATE. STOP!

Thinking about building a family or even stepping into a relationship, I think we need many things. Love, faith, common values, and etc. A relationship is like a process of making shining precious stones. Frictions, rubbing, polishing and etc to make the stone really shine bright like a diamond or glow like precious on Thanos’ glove. But I believe this is a never-ending process as love/marriage is a long journey, isn’t it? I wish one day I can truly taste the sweetness of a relationship and love until “want live want die”. LOL.

Anyway, I wish all married couples to have blessed marriage and fulfilling life together with the partner. 🙂 Life partnership is truly a blessing, appreciate each other and make the fullest out of it.

#052 – Life partnership is a blessing

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