#050 – Travel Companions

Who doesn’t love traveling? (Except one of my ex-colleagues) I LOVE IT! I have been traveling around since my uni time. Asia, Europe, and Australia! Left USA which I really want to go! Someone please kindly sponsors! hahaha. Perhaps New Zealand first? LOL, NO BUDGET lah… still waiting for a sponsor… 😜

Perhaps is getting OLD, I kinda feel the places are no longer the most important criteria for a trip, but one element, that’s companion. Who doesn’t agree travel partners are important?!!! hahaha. I personally think that is damn important. People whom we are traveling with determine whether the trip is enjoyable or disastrous. I am blessed enough to have awesome trips with my favorite travel buddies this year. I guess other than the coming business trip, I can call this a travel year already. Of course, I still can’t deny how much I love solo trip. hehe. If you have never tried, please do so, I can advise you, and I bet you will love it too.

Travel companions not only enjoy the journey with you, but they are also teammates for the planning too. For example, my Hokkaido trip, I took care of flight and accommodation, my friend took charge of the itinerary, another friend made the payment and coordinator, lastly one friend was the treasurer of the trip. We worked together well. Take note that, the worst thing you can do, is to COMPLAIN about the planning/itinerary. For me, since I trust my friend, I will just FOLLOW the plan, no complaint. LOL.

In short, appreciate your travel companions as the right chemistry is not easy to chemically bond together. And also, be the nice travel companion to others too. We all hope to have great and fantastic trips right? If everyone is nice, the trip will definitely be NICE! 🙂

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