#048 – Peaceful walk in nature

Do you love to stroll in a park? Yes in Japan with nice weather, No in Humid + Hot Botanical garden! Hahaha. Sorry I am “a grass in greenhouse”. But a serene park with a cool temperature is truly an enjoyment!

Today we have visited Maruyama park and Hokkaido Shrine. Nothing majestic or impressive there, however it is just a soul purifying and relaxing walk. The wonderful nature with cozy wind (11 degC) makes me feel so comfortable walking despite my legs ache! 😝 I don’t pray in the shrine because I am a Christian but my friends did, hope they have inner peace la. 😂

How many times we are overwhelmed by stress and load at work? And we forget to lay our hair down. The best way to do so? Come to Japan and walk in autumn la! Hahaha. Joke!

Mother Nature has the power to do the magic! That’s why my city friends always love to hike and nature-based scenery as that’s what we can’t get in a concrete forest, right?

Take the opportunity to feel the nature and immerse yourself in the relaxing power of the nature! This will definitely help!

#048 – Peaceful walk in nature

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