#047 – Simple Joy

Sapporo is really a small city with a few attractions, one of them is the Sapporo TV Tower – the mini version of Eiffel Tower. What we have done today is, photo shooting, but that’s the most fun part of the trip. Thanks God for the beautiful autumn leaves that make the Tower extra-beautiful! As long as it is autumn leave, I love it! Haha

So we have taken several shots with the Tower!

The main point here is not about the Tower, is about the people! One simple and stupid shoot can make all of us laugh like mad. We wanted to take a photo with autumn leaves, so two of us would gather the leaves, one person in the photo and one photographer. We would throw the leaves to create fall foliage effect. There’s one time my Friend A throw the leaves (a bunch) directly to Friend B! Piakkkk (loud sound)!!! And we got this photo! Hahahha

We laughed like mad! Hahahaha. And that simple thing can make all of us so happy! Isn’t this a simple joy? We can emphasise on small little happy things than exaggerating negative emotions in life. Always look at the bright site and occupy ourselves more with positive things.

Another thing, tavel companion is super important, so I kinda picky who to go with actually 😜 One important mindset everyone should have is, we are here for FUN. So enjoy every moment! 🤗

Still enjoying the cold weather here! Yeahhh!!!

#047 – Simple Joy

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