#046 – The Colorful Shikisai-no-oka and Colourful life

Today is indeed a relaxing day without much walking, finally. Because we have taken a tour from Chou-Bus (www.chou-bus.co.jp)!!! Wohooo. The tour covers a museum, famous blue pond and Shikisai-no-oka (Aka four season flower hill / 四季彩之秋). Total cost is around 7100 Yen including bus tour and a nice lunch!

The highlight is: Shikisai-no-oka!!!

Wah, the flowers are so beautiful and the way they utilise the hill to magnify the awesomeness of flowers is fantastic. With the Shiok-Cool wind, this place is so damn NICEEEEE until I need to do a signature JUMP! Lol

Autumn is truly a nice season to visit! Trust me. The colourful hills along the highway are mesmerising enough.

Really wish I can have more of this! Looking forward to next few days! Hehe

The pretty scenery makes me appreciate the colours in life; exciting red, emotional blue, peaceful green and etc. Such beautiful picture of Mother Nature makes me ponder life should always be colourful. No matter up or down, we should face life with positivity and embrace any challenges. Who doesn’t want smooth life, but it is rather impossible. Anyway earth still spins on its way no matter how we live, so why not have a fantastic life and enjoy every moment? Like this:

#046 – The colourful life

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