#045 – Hokkaido!

Ok I gonna turn my blog into… a travel blog with a little reflection at the end! Wakaka, reason being… I am in Sapporo Hokkaido!!! Wohooo. This round is for holiday!

This is my third time in Japan. I had been to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka (one business trip and one family trip). Hokkaido naturally has become the destination for my third trip. I am not ready for freezing winter with snowy weather, so I am here for autumn! 🍂

I don’t really see the autumn foliage in full blast yet, but hope to see the mountain or park turn into colourful party before I leave! Pray hard!

First day usually is an exciting sightseeing part of a trip, but for us? A Shopping Trip! We have been to the Tanuki-Koji Shopping Arcade(狸小路) to “slim down” our wallet!

What to buy there??? Answer is: Comestics, skincare, medicine and etc! All are cheap cheap (compared to outside-of-japan). What makes all cheap are 8% tax refund and 5% discount. How to entitle the 5% discount? Handsome like me la! Joke! Buy more than 30,000 yen will do. So here is the result:

Ok after the first day, we have to keep our wallet healthy without shredding too much fat and muscle!

Of course the best thing ever (after than the 10+ degC weather) is the food!!! Pictures speak thousands words so look at these!

The sashimi is damn fresh, all ingredients are damn fresh, tastes are rich and I am drooling when writing this lohhhhhh. Haha

What I can say about my first day: awesome! A slow pace trip is what I need, to recharge and relax. And this weather is a perfect match, I hate sweating 😅. As Long as it is cool, I can walk as far as possible. Wakaka. A lesson learned, always go to cooler country! 😜

Stay tuned for more!

#045 – Hokkaido!

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