#044 – Shiokkk to feel HOPE

It has been months I cold call people to sell stuff (Company’s products okay?)! Whenever people agree to meet up, I am happy. Nowadays engineers are busy and not so “receptive” towards meeting strangers with unknown (to them) products. The challenge is REAL! If you don’t believe me… never mind. LOLLLL

So finally I managed to meet one customer today to introduce the products my company is distributing. This perhaps is my second product demonstration meeting for that particular product/system. I would say, I did quite OK (only), 7.5/10 marks given la. I still got a bit of nervousness and I could have prepared more! Well, at least the meeting wasn’t bad after all.

During the presentation, I got some questions from the audience (8 of them), as you can guess, questions = interests!!! Phewwww, glad to have questions that I can answer. If I don’t know the answers… then just say “I go back and check” loh. Haha. As the products I was introducing are using rather new technology, so I really need to get the first adopter in Singapore. This customer really shows their interests to transform their current technology to the newer ones! This also means, my products STAND A CHANCE!!! Wohooo. Happyyyy. I know I shouldn’t be too happy now as the customer will only buy in 1 – 2 years time, but the sense of HOPE is shiookkkkkkkk (satisfying).

Have you ever felt happiness because of HOPE? I guess life is clinging on hope as well. I know there is hope for tomorrow that’s why we continue to live, even though this feeling has been taken for granted. Those who have lost the hope, they will do something regrettable – if you know what I mean. So appreciate the feeling of hope in life, cherish the moments, don’t give up easily, as there is always hope even though the hope could be small.

Let me quote the birthday boy in my office; The most important thing in life is: Be Happy. Smile like me la, it means. lol.

I guess, there is hope in life, there is happiness in life too.

#044 – FEELING HOPEFUL – Shiok to feel HOPE

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