#043 – Say Goodbye

Why after I join the company, all are leaving ah?!!!!! Haiz today is a sad day as my buddy in work place left! It is not easy to get along so well with someone in an office, I always treasure this. But unfortunately/fortunately, a better opportunity has taken my friend at work away from my current company. 😭😭😭

Of course, my friend is leaving for a much better opportunity, I shall be happy for her. Indeed I do, just that thinking about her “absence” at work, very sienz lo. Have to accept this fact. 😫

I have prepared small gift for her to say thank you for all the fun we have at work as friends!

She is the recruiter who has recruited most of us in office to play the game “Mobile Legend”! Lol.

It is fun to have someone to chat with, kepo with, and laugh with at work. I believe you would definitely agree with me. There is no unending banquet, so yup, good bye is necessary and some times is good as long as leaving for a greater good.

What I can say is, appreciate and treasure any good moments in life, we would never know when we will lose them. 🙂 Cheers!

#043 – Say Goodbye

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