#041 – What do we want others to see us as?

Today pastor in church asked this question: “What do you want others to see you as?”. This is a tough question to me lor, and triggers some thoughts in my mind. I have never asked myself seriously on this topic. But I always have a feeling that I want to look successful in others’ eyes. The word “successful”, if you ask me, I can’t give you my definition as it is very blurry to me too. Perhaps, it means I look good, lead an admirable life, achieve marvelously and etc. If you interpret this sentence you can tell people’s perceptions of me are very important to me. Proving myself to others is my weakness and also can be a motivation to me. Even though most of the experts say that “doing things just to prove to others” is not a good thing, to me, it is not that bad. Jeff Bezos is this kinda person too. However, of course, this should be balanced. Oops, paiseh, a serious topic again? LOL

Ok, let me elaborate on what do weakness and encouragement mean in this context. Proving to others can be a weakness because we shouldn’t be defined and judged based on others’ opinions. If so, we will eventually lose our own identity and we won’t be happy. Agree?

The encouragement here means that when people praise and admire you, you will feel good and get motivated better. Just like people say, “Wah, you can sing well hor”, of course, I will feel happy and hope to do well next time too. Haha. Ok lah, you get what I mean.

To me, a balance of both sides is the best. Be motivated when you think you can do better in others’ perspective, but need to gauge so that it won’t turn out to be a discouragement.

So I throw that question to you, “What do you want others to see you as?”. I have no perfect answer for myself, but this question worth our thought.

When I was googling for a nice image for this blog, I see this quote, hope this serves as an encouragement to you and me:


#041 – What do you want others to see you as?

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