#039 – A Weird Dream 001

Wah, I tell you, this morning I was waken up by a shocking dream!!! My heart was pumping like crazy. “Pummm! 💥 Pummm! 💥 Pummm”. That kinda slow but powerful PUMPs. Phewwww, thanks God my heart is strong and I didn’t have heart attack. Here’s the dream…

I was in a small room with a sofa and a TV. Sitting on the sofa, I was watching the show on the TV. I couldn’t remember the content of the show. What I could remember was, I loved and was excited for the TV show. But there were some people trying to enter the room which I was totally against this. Then there was one person came into the room. I immediately chase him off with force! “F off” kinda level. Later on I felt happy again because I got to continue watching the TV. The excitement for the show was Vivid! I felt so real.

Then no long after, I sensed two people trying to come in again! I was mad. And out of sudden one person appeared from my back (behind the sofa) and walked toward the TV as if he/she was my Friend (P/S: I don’t know who). And there was a second person followed right after the first one! I was so so so angry and annoyed! I took out a sword-like red color stick and STABBED toward the person out of anger. I guess I did have the intention to kill.

However at that one moment, the red color part of the stick disappeared when I was stabbing toward the person. And that’s when my heart pumped like mad. Because I felt extremely guilty as I was trying to hurt/kill that person. The feeling was so so so surreal!!! But thanks God, the guilt stimulated my mind and altered the weapon. I didn’t actually stab the person. But the dream ended with powerful heartbeats. Pummm Pummm Pummm. The heartbeats are not dream.

I took a few deep breath to calm down myself and felt the energetic beat of my heart…

😅 Phewwww… what a strange dream. Nothing similar happened in my real life.

What does this dream mean? I don’t know. It must be something.

If you know/ can interpret, tell me leh. 😂

#039 – A Weird Dream

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