#038 – Cool Experience

Today I visited a very unique place – Logistic Cargo building behind Changi Airports !!! Basically, that’s the logistics hub where all forwarders and logistics companies gather. Why it is so cool is because of my FIRST time mah. haha. And not everyone gets to visit there. Today due to a job, I get to visit there (drive there some more). It is like Jurong Island in Singapore, we need to change pass. After 1-hour drive from Jurong East, we were welcomed by A LONG QUEUE! I didn’t really know we need such a long time to change pass !!! 30 minutes! Gosh. Never mind, lesson learned!

After that, I drove in, the security check was the next interesting thing I had never tried before. Just like clearing custom, I needed to get down and open the boot. A simple check was done by the officer then we were good to go. Ok sorry, this little thing sounded fun to me but may not to you. LOL.

To me, visiting Jurong Island or this logistics place is fun as we don’t usually get the chance to do so. I guess experience matters, adventure excites, and interesting things create fun. Even though this experience doesn’t really give me a lot of benefits, at least this is a treasurable memory to me. Just like how I love to visit factory/manufacturing plants, they look cool to me, and I don’t know a lot of things, so they are new to me too. Haha. Basically, the idea is like sightseeing lah – new and cool things especially.

Exploring new experience in life is cool to me. Is that cool to you too?

#038 – Cool Experience

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