#037 – To teach is to learn twice

Monday is a Toastmasters day for me. I took up the “Emcee” role and hosted the chapter meeting. The theme of the meeting was “To teach is to learn twice” in conjunction of World Teacher’s Day soon. Well, this theme inspired me to play a role as a headmaster and the audience acted my students. It was kinda fun. One thing for sure is, even though I didn’t prepare well, I presented rather acceptable on the stage. The confidence and public speaking skills I possess have improved significantly compared to two years ago. Lol 😝

Anyway, the theme is interest: to teach is to learn twice. We have to agree that teaching may prompt us to learn more so that we are eligible and credible to be the teacher, Right? 👩‍🏫 👨‍🏫 So this quote is valid and true. I remember I used to teach my friends back in school time. I shared what I know to them and I guess that helped me to enforce my understanding, that’s why I was blessed with ok result.

Same in the work, teaching or sharing with colleagues can help us to learn certain things faster too. Especially when everyone deems I know best, no matter what, I have to equip myself to teach. Lol. You got this kind feel better? 😝

So I hereby encourage everyone to teach willingly, and we will harvest the fruits of sharing with others. 🙂

#037 – To teach is to learn twice

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