#036 – Mindfulness

Today is a hectic day, Church -> Preparation for Workshop -> Organize a Workshop -> Meeting -> Badminton -> Dinner. Phewwww. Truly tired but fulfilling.

The workshop was about mindfulness in public speaking. Apparently, mindfulness is something very interesting. Even though I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the trainer during the workshop (busy with preparation and taking photos), I can see some essence of being mindful. Mindfulness is about that particular moment, a bit like being conscious of what you are doing and thinking at that moment. I believe through being mindful about certain things, we will pay more attention to them and it can be easier to improve as well. Just like my public speaking experience, I am more mindful about my language after joining Toastmasters club, so I will slow myself down and think before I utter my sentences. To be honest, this is a painful journey, I don’t want to anyhow speak and this causes me to sound hesitated and not so confident. However, this is part and parcel of this mindfulness journey. After overcoming the shortfall, we can do better.

After being conscious of things at that particular moment, we can make a choice. A choice to be ourselves, change attitude, or etc. I guess changing thoughts and mood at a point of time is not easy, first, we need to recognize the emotion we have at that time, acknowledge we have a choice to change to suit the situation and make that choice to change. Just a few examples, what if you were anxious on stage after an audience’s question? what if you panicked when you face a life-threatening event yet you need to be professional at that time? What if you were so angry at one thing?

So, imagine to draw yourself out to be a third party’s perspective, what will be the best decision to be taken and what would you do?

Ok, I hope I am not confusing you and being too complicated.

In short, mindfulness is all about practice. The more we practice mindfulness, the better we can deal with certain situations. How to practice? Attend workshops lah. hahaha. Too bad my workshop is over ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

So, be mindful!

#036 – Mindfulness

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