#035 – Just Enjoy

Have you heard of a story which tells you a guy went for a vacation with an ex-girlfriend alone. Hahaha. 8 days 7 nights and in the Same room not the same Bed somemore! Damn interesting! Ex-Girlfriend leh! Lolll

The story started because they booked the flight before the breakup. Then after that the girl still asked the guy to go together even though they broke up already. Surprisingly the guy still said yes to her (even though he was the one requested the breakup) wakaka.

But I “interviewed” him, he said he just wanted to enjoy and he didn’t mind going with her. So he planned the whole schedule and went off to XXXXX with her.

All went well except the girl kept persuading him not to smoke and drink, even though not effective at all. From his perspective, he just wanted to enjoy. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

How many times in our life we say “we just want to enjoy” and out of that many times, we failed to really enjoy ourselves? True enough, we meant to enjoy the moments in our life, experience and feel things happening around and to us. A simple word “Enjoy” is profoundly important to us or else what’s the point of life? 🙂

No matter how hard we work, how difficult life is, we must know how to Enjoy 😉

#035- Just Enjoy

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