#034 – Grab Drivers’ Stories

I had a dinner with my friend and we kept talking about Grab Drivers. Last Monday, I took a Grab Hitch to town for a dinner appointment. I was damn tired and wanted to sleep, but the Hitch uncle talked to me non-stop. GOSH, I so wish to tell him: “Paiseh uncle, can I sleep?” haha, but I didn’t lah, I just closed my eyes hoping he got the signal, but I kinda failed. LOLLLLL

Anyway, I guess most of us have such experience with Grab Drivers. Sometimes they can be too chatty but some passengers prefer the drivers to be talkative. Different people have different preferences. But sometimes, we can hear some really interesting and sometimes inspiring stories too. I remember my Hitch Ride to Airport early of this month. The driver was driving BMW, so I curiously asked why so rich still wanna do Grab Hitch. He said he was doing this to chat with people if lucky then pretty girls. (FAINTED). But he shared with me that he is a car leasing company co-founder. He is quite well doing and enjoys what he is doing now. As we talked more, he told me he was working for the dark side once in his life. He earned a lot back then but when his friend got caught by the police and he wasn’t (luckily), that’s the turning point in his life. He stopped the dirty things and started a new life. He has been blessed as he managed to get a proper job and is doing well now.

I have to say, it is fun to listen to their stories, BUT that’s provided I am in the mood la. haha. I love stories because they can somehow inspire me and perhaps give me a little encouragement/reminders sometimes. Like this BMW driver, he taught me that it is never too late to turn over a new leaf. His success story in leasing company gives me an insight that such unexpected business can thrive well in Singapore. Much have been learned.

I got more Grab stories to share lo, haha. But next time lah.

#034 – Grab Drivers’ Stories

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