#033 – Listen (Even to Kids!) and Communicate

Today is a healthy day because I have finally done my running! An interesting thing was observed during my little push-up exercise at the park. A mum was asking her little girl to leave the park by saying: “Today is very wet, you have enough stretching already, let’s go home and do it another day”. The mum was looking at her phone while saying that. I was thinking, why the mum can’t let the girl do what she wants? Maybe she loves exercises and wants to spend more time. Ok, I shouldn’t just judge like this because there could be other reasons behind.

Side story: while I was thinking, I banged my head into a bar! THERE IS ONE BUN ON MY HEAD NOWWWW 😭😭😭

Anyway, the story continues. After my healthy exercise, I rewarded myself with BIG MAC SET! hahaha because got promotion ma. And coincidentally, I met the girl and the mum again!!! LOL. I guess the mum also rewarded the girl with McDonald. But sadly, the girl kept asking her mum what to eat, but her mum literally didn’t listen to her and kept asking her to decide herself, basically: “Don’t disturb me”. Do you wonder what the mum is actually doing? The answer is… she is… playing…


By looking at the two phones side by side and the sliding style, we know lah. lol

Alright, it is not RIGHT to judge people like this. But if my friend is doing this, I will….. SLAAAAPPPPPPPPP hahaha.

But this makes me wonder how to be a good parent. I am glad my parents don’t ignore me like this, if they do, I probably won’t love to talk to them and I will run away with friends? lol. Well, as we know kids’ hearts can be easily broken and damages are hard to be recovered. So it is understandable parents are busy nowadays, but at least listen to kids and communicate with them while spending time with them? hmmm.

Reflection here is also, I need to be patient, listen more attentively to others and communicate well. Hmmm interesting reflection today, and I am glad I am not a parent yet! hahaha.

#033 – Listen and Communicate

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