#032 – David VS Goliath

Today finally I am back to a cell group, actually it is more like a visit lah. But the topic of discussion is around the story of David and Goliath. This is a famous bible story talking about a small David won over a giant Goliath. With God’s strength and empowerment, David managed to overcome the big obstacles and win a fight for God.

This simple story and sharing make me ponder what are the big obstacles in my life. Of course there are so so so many. But mainly the main obstacles are coming from myself. I can easily name a few; laziness, impatience, selfishness and etc. These obstacles are right in front of me stopping me to achieve much more in life. In fact the worst thing is, I know where the problems are but I don’t act on them. What kinda attitude right? Jiaklat and terrible lo. I don’t know if you can resonate with me. Perhaps the motivations are not there, or I am weak in faith that I don’t believe I can realise my dreams. But no dreams are too big right? Haiz, I really need to pray for this.

Other than personal and internal Goliath, I have a bit of stress at work too. As a sales guy, what I don’t wish to hear is, sales is bad!!! I know the economy is not doing well, but this excuse still doesn’t justify the poor performance! My poor performance leh. Cannot loh. Sadly fact is cruel and reality is harsh. The interesting gain from this cell group meeting is, I am reminded that “we are not working for ourselves by God”. Colossians 3:23 says “whatever you do, work at it with your whole being, for the Lord and not for men.” This is such a timely reminder. I should not work to prove myself but count on God and do my best. This Goliath is so gigantic; the economics, the Clients’ budget constraints, tough competitions, etc. To be honest, I am not that talented or blessed with extraordinary wisdom, so I shall rely on God not myself.

I am grateful that these words come to me tonight. I shall continue to do my best but one thing is different which is, I do this for God. Wisdom and strength, I shall seek from God. Faith, I shall hold tight and overcome the Goliath with the almighty Lord Jesus Christ 🤩.

#032 – David VS Goliath

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