#031 – Say Thank You!

Every morning, on my way to the office, I love to take a free newspaper to read on the train. I am the “fake” person who opens the newspaper wide while standing on the train, and read like an uncle! LOL!!!

So there is always a kind auntie standing at one corner near MRT distributing the newspapers to the people. Whenever I see the auntie, I will feel happy because it means I still have newspapers to read, or else, if she is not around, which means I have nothing to read. lol. It would be a boring journey to the office as I am avoiding looking at phone early morning.

Some people take the newspapers when passing by and some don’t. Some people would have “resting bitch face” while taking the newspapers from the auntie as if it is taken granted that auntie should be there to “serve” the people. To me, I always say “Thank you” to the auntie because she is the reason I can read some news on the train. And I feel like even though it is her job to distribute the papers, we still need to appreciate her effort and contribution isn’t it?

Similarly to bus drivers, we seldom say “Thank you” to them for a safe and nice journey. I think it is good to appreciate them by simply saying “Thank you”. When we appreciate one another, won’t the world be a better place to live?

I think gratitude is an important attitude in life. We shouldn’t take things for granted and should try to appreciate things in life. Appreciation may be a small effort from us, but it could mean a lot to the other people. This may brighten up their days, so why not?

Are you appreciating enough?

#031 – Say Thank You.

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