#030 – Do Our Best!

Since this is the 30th post! I gonna make this a motivational and inspiring one!

I am reading the book “Build to Last” recently, and deeply moved by this quote:


The 3 important keys here are: “Did our work well”, “good to our customers” and “no limit to us”. This is an ATTITUDE, an attitude to success. I used to think that I need a big, innovative, and revolutionary idea to have a successful business. This is a MYTH! First of all, we do not need a brand new idea to start a business as there is NO NEW IDEA on this Earth. Secondly, how well the business does is not all about the IDEA, but the vision and attitude of the company. Thirdly, all businesses/companies stand a chance to succeed as long as doing the right way (not gonna elaborate on this, as I am not eligible, LOL).

I remember seeing an air-conditioning servicing van parked underneath the block I was staying. I asked myself, “how come there are so many such companies on this small Singapore island? Such services are not unique at all”. But a second thought came in, “But they do not need something new to start a business, as long as they are doing a good job and satisfy their customers, they can survive and even thrive well”.  Of course, success is defined differently by each one of us, but I am trying to say, without a good idea, a business may prosper too. So don’t be afraid to do something even though your idea may not be unique or first in the market. With GRIT (passion + perseverance), we can achieve something! There would be no LIMIT to us.

A simple method/advice from Walmart founder; “do our work well and good to customers” is so profound. It is the foundation of a business or even in our workplace. I guess in this seeking-fast-result world, we could be lacking persistence and perseverance in the journey, causing us to give up and feel defeated easily. This is an important reminder to me, I shall always DO MY BEST in every task, work, and business. And try to be the very best. “deng deng deng, I wanna be the very best, no one ever was!!!” HAHAHAHA

OK, I hope this quote inspires you somehow and you like it too 😎

#030 – DO OUR BEST!

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