#029 – Facial Day Painful Day

To be honest, I always envy those guys with nice skin lor! Looking at mirror, I will tell myself: “skin oh, skin oh, can you be pretty and nice nice? No pimples no scars no pores no troubles!”. Haha. Perhaps it is a little too late for me to start my skin care journey. So the damages that have been done on my face can’t be just fixed overnight! It needs to take Super duper lotsa efforts!

So one of the efforts is Facial Treatment lo. Since I am back to Muar, might as well, go to do Facial Treatment. Tried Herbaline Muar today, ok la not bad. But every time Facial Treatment tried hard to kill me. Since my skin condition is terrible, the process of cleaning acnes, “dirt”, etc on my face is damn painful! 😖 Almost every time, my tears flow down during the “hard pressing” step. You know what I mean la. I wonder why there is no other better way/technology instead of pressing and squeezing my face!!! So retarded sia! Hahaha.

I can only say: prevention is better than cure. Daily skin care and control on food intake matter!!! But… I sometimes very lazy lo. Hahaa. Ok I shouldn’t! For the sake of 名星梦, I need to have GRIT to take care of my skins!

So if you are touched by my determination, please do…. consider…. to…. sponsor me la! Hahahaha. Joke.

#029 – Take good care to prevent Painful Facial Day.

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