#028 – Mistake Hurts! But learn from it

Aiya, Super sienz. Did a mistake at work! I should have checked the thing before I confidently changed the setting. Due to this, my colleague failed a test at customer’s site. It is a shame on us and made us look bad. Of course my colleague should have double checked before using the thing, but well, may be they trust me that’s why they didn’t seriously check the item. My fault, and I admit that.

The guilt is there. And my colleague surely hates die me. This mistake caused extra trouble on TOP of busy schedule also. Haiz!

But mistakes happen, I guess. Importantly we learn from the mistakes. Still, I should have avoided mistakes by all means. (Guilt strikes again)

Nothing can be done to travel back the time. We can only learn this lesson and move on. Agree?

As Chinese saying, failure is the Mother of success. I think, mistakes are the Father of lessons. So learn and move on! Jiayou!

#028 – Learn from mistakes

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