#027 – Communication is the bridge

Well, I couldn’t believe the fact that I face difficulty in dealing with hyper-sensitive people. Sadly, I do face this kinda people at least twice in this year. To an insensitive person like me, hypersensitive people are difficult to work with. Reasons being my casual words or styles may easily offend them without I knowing it LOL. So I need to really filter my words and watch out my language. But it is not impossible to figure out a way to work together.

For example, our differences are as such, interpretation of “please feel free to contact me if you have any queries”. The word “me” has been interpreted as “I am trying to possess the customer solely without sharing with the others”. To me, I merely try to be more personal. So you can see the difference here. There are many examples of how I accidentally offended hypersensitive people,  this situation really made me look/sound like a person without TLC (tender loving care). WAKAKA! So tonnes of misunderstandings are created and lead to unhappiness 😦

So later on, there is one SOLUTION for this! Just like what wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend need, which is communication! Say it out loud and talk to the person whom you are not comfortable with. Since it is inevitable for two persons to work together, so instead of showing negative emotion/attitude towards one another, talk to each other. Spell out what can be done to improve the situation and handle this maturely.

This helps a lot, after a communication meeting with the person, I know I need to take note of certain things and I have expressed my expectation to the person too. Problem is solved, at least temporary. Through the talk, we know how to work together and move forward. Thank God for this!

So communication is the bridge between people, use it!

#027 –  Communication is the bridge

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