#026 – Don’t Prata lah!

Let me tell you a story. Long long time ago, there is a village elder and some villagers. Village elder is planning for an exploration trip which excites everyone but only with one villager. The elder told villager 1, you and I will go together. After a few days, villager 2 got a message from the elder that he is joining the trip. Later on, the elder told villager 3 to prepare herself for the trip. Everyone is kinda looking forward to the trip. But along the way, the elder keeps changing mind and keeps everyone in suspense. Villagers start to feel disappointed when knowing he/she might not be going. Ultimately, the elder has decided to go with villager 1 only. We don’t know how the other two villagers may really feel, but perhaps disappointment is unavoidable.

From one perspective, the elder shouldn’t do so when the decision is not finalized. However, on the other hand, he is actually “cushioning”/pre-empt the villager in case he/she needs to go. We can’t fully blame the elder, but please lah, don’t prata (change last minute) too much leh. haha

This scenario happens to all of us or the people around us. Some people do not hold on to their promises or previous decisions, this could be frustrating and disappointing. Even we ourselves may do so too due to some circumstances. I personally don’t like the idea of flipping here and there once a decision is made, even though I am the one flips a lot when deciding things for myself. LOL!

So before giving any promises, think twice before committing. This will help yourself and people too. Enjoy eating prata but please don’t prata! LOLLLLL.

#026 – A Reflection A Day, Garen Tee Hooray – Don’t Prata Lah!

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