#025 – Friendship is Treasure

I really had a great weekend! Because of my bestie’s wedding and also an awesome gathering with my crazy bunch of friends. Sometimes I really feel our face is like so damn thick. Wherever we go, when we start to talk nonsense, we will laugh like MAD. Just imagine a group of crazy people laughing like no tomorrow sitting beside you! That’s us!!! As if we don’t need to care for others at all, it’s so fun, isn’t it? WAKAKA

Would you agree, you will be your true self when being together with your best friends? I do. Most of the time I don’t need to act nice and be nice to people. Haha. My friends are my victims of the mean side of me. I will “sour” and criticize bluntly and enjoy doing so. Haha. Example, if she grows fat, she knows what kinda comments she will receive. LOL! So Mean! But I guess that’s the chemistry between us, and that’s what makes our friendship strong.

Sometimes it is tiring to wear a mask in front of people, so being exactly how I want to be in front of friends is so enjoyable. I can sense the difference in energy level I have in my body when I behave like that in front of friends. Even though I talk more, but I feel happy and recharged! haha.

How many friendships last for years? I would say ten fingers can count them all. To be this strong friendship is a treasure that should be treasured. I do have friendships that fades along the years but at the same time, I have friendships that will never leave me too. And please agree with me friendship requires efforts to maintain and build. Don’t take that for granted! Life is so much fun when we are together with friends.

#025 – A Reflection A Day, Garen Tee Hooray – Friendship is treasure

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