#024 – Sacrificial Love is the Foundation

Lovely weekend was filled with blessing to witness my bestie, Jess NGO’s wedding. Finally she is Off the Shelve officially. Glad that Philip and her are united with awesome blessing from God. Thanks to be with Jesus. 😍

This time round, I got the chance to be church wedding Emcee as a helping hand to Jess. This was my third time as an emcee but first time as a sermon translator! Haha. It was from Chinese to English. Thanks God for his blessing during the sermon, I did quite ok, at least not embarrassing! Hahaha. 70 marks la. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The most touching part is still my speech time during wedding banquet. Well, I deliver the speech with tears! Hahaha. I reminded both of us sweet experiences and memorable days we had in the past as besties. Sorry I couldn’t hold my tears as I have too much memory with Jess lah!!! And I am glad that I had touched the bride’s heart as well and could see the tears rolling out, even my gang of besties were touched too loh. Lol. Ok It was kinda embarrassing to cry a little in front of 800 people but it’s OVER. Most importantly Jess got the message from me lah, don’t care.

Haiz this kinda made me wanna get married la. Still single now lor, so marriage life still far away from me! Wakaka.

I guess I need to find a right one, which is at the same time, very difficult. Alamak 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

To me, Sacrificial Love must be the foundation of a relationship. Other than a strong foundation, other elements play a part too, like respecting, tolerating, accommodating, appreciating, and etc. Comparing to Love from Jesus, a marriage needs the sacrificial love from one another to each other. That’s how the relationship and marriage can last long and be fruitful. 💗

May God bless Jess and Philip. And bless me to get the white horse princess lah! Amen.

#024 – A Reflection A day, Garen Tee Hooray – Sacrifical Love is the foundation

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