#023 – Do you write your emotion on Face?

I guess we have met tonnes of people who have totally different characters, personalities, ways of living and etc. One type of people who I don’t really quite like is extremely emotional species. Extreme, here I mean, people illustrate sometimes unreasonable emotions and live in their own world (Don’t care how people see the face). Recently I see dark charcoal face a lot until I am puzzled why people can write their emotions so clearly on the face especially the negative one. LOL.

So for example, looking at the face, you will know whether the person is happy or sad. Like weather forecast. Hahaha. Human is interesting isn’t it?

On the other hand, this kinda people perhaps are true to themselves, not happy then show it all out, don’t really need to care about how people think about them. Oright, this could be quite cool 😎 Just that I don’t like only, since I am a more fake person? Wakaka. 😂

I hereby strongly encourage everyone, please be optimistic and positive. Don’t make your negative emotion a burden to others ok? Haha. It is ok to show emotion, just not too over until it annoys people. 😝

Okie, in conclusion, learn how to do poker face! Haha

#023 – A Reflection A Day, Garen Tee Hooray – Don’t write emotions on your face, too much.

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