#021 – 21 Days A Habit!

WOHOOO!!!! Today is the day! This marks the 21st blog post/reflection!!! Can’t believe I really achieve this. I would like to thank my mum, my dad, my family, and friends! Thank you so much! and of course, YOU who are reading this blog. Looking like my 3-minutes warmth didn’t strike me well this time, hopefully, I can still continue this hard work! Next milestone: 100 Reflections. OK, I gonna Gambatte! 😍😍😍

Have you ever heard 21 days to form a habit? You can’t deny you as a human being is a habitual living creature lor. haha. I learned a much better word to describe habit, which is the hypnotic rhythm. Basically, you are hypnotized to do something repeatedly in a certain rhythm. VERY CHIM right? I love these words, so so so true. Just like how I am addicted to games, I play every night, until a point that, before I sleep I need to play the game. This has become my bad habit. Of course, a good habit can be my bible study before my sleep, reading a newspaper on the train, brush my teeth after wake up, and do big business in the toilet in the morning. LOLLLLL

In fact, my smoker friends all tell me, smoking is all about habit, it got less to do with the chemicals inside. True or not? I guess so.

So those successful people, they tend to have good habits too, like reading for example. In order to be successful, we need to… have good habits lah, of course. Then how to pick up a good habit? BERRY EASY. Do it repeatedly for 21 days! Then pufffff, congrats, you have acquired a good habit. WAKAKA. But please hor, don’t apply on the wrong place. Bad habits BITE. LOL

Okie, I must continue this good habit of writing my reflection, so please support support OK? 😍

#021 – A Reflection A Day, Garen Tee Hooray – 21 days a habit

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