#020 – Jetlaggeddd

Happily ended the trip with a … jetlag. I wanted to sleep at usual 12 am+, but who knows, I couldn’t shut my brain down! lol. I dreamed a little bit when I was on the bed, but my brain was still awake. Turned here and turned there, I couldn’t sleep. But thanks God, my naturally piggy sleeper ability kicked in after like an hour or so, finally, I switched off Garentee’s system and slept.

OK, I slept but I didn’t have enough sleep!!! (Thunders Thunders Thunders). So this morning, I dragged my zombie body to work! 😭 Imagine the brain is half awake, and you need to talk to colleagues and face the laptop, gosh, it is not easy. But I am still glad that I didn’t doze off on my desk! wakaka. I was still quite animated when telling my Romania stories to colleagues I guess. hehe.

The worst thing was, I needed to deliver some items to customers due to the absence of my colleague. Driving while sleeping? TERRIBLE IDEA. But somehow when I was staring at the road in front of me, my brain was switching to idle (ALMOST). WALAO, I seriously needed a way to wake myself up! so guess what I have done? I SANG! la la laa llaaaaaaaaa. I had just turned the car into my personal karaoke room. Ranging from workship song to Jay Chou’s song to my random compositions, singing did help to keep me awake. In short, I SURVIVED!

Hopefully, tonight won’t be a disastrous night. I better sleep ASAP! Good night guys, rest well.

#020 – A Reflection A Day, Garen Tee Hooray – Jetlagged

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