#019 – Recharged or Tired?

We are always excited for a trip – a long break and an enjoyment of laying down our hair. After all the fun and joy, the end is always there to welcome us home. So the question is, do your usually feel recharged or tired after a holiday?

Alright, my trip to Romania shouldn’t be a holiday but at least it is still an enjoyable trip; exploring new territory; meeting interesting people; comfortable weather, etc. All are good just that “coming back” is a real exhausting part. The 17-hours flight made me unsure when should I sleep and what time should I take the breakfast. Lol. So I can only hope I can sleep well later as usual! 😴 Jetlag please go away.

From my experience, true enough, if a trip is packed with activities, I will most likely feel tired after that. So as a young soul in an old body, I always prefer a more relaxing schedule nowadays. I don’t need to rush and see all sceneries in the place, I just want to enjoy myself. I guess this is how we can really relax and recharge.

Would you agree with me?

P/S: sienz to face reality now. And I am heading to a meeting that annoys me! Lol. No choice. This is life.

#019 – A Reflection a Day, GarenTee Hooray – Recharged or Tired after a trip?

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