#018 – Motivational Energy

This wraps up my wonderful trip in Timişoara. Fun aside, the real reason of being here is to attend a distributorship meeting organised by the manufacturer. Distributors and salespersons of the company from other part of the world gather here; USA, France, Ireland, Germany, UK, Japan, Turkey, Korea, and of course Singapore.

My company is a distributor. But during this 3-days meeting, I somehow feel like I am part of the manufacturer. Lol. I shouldn’t be but this is like quite interesting isn’t it?

Mingling with the people, learning from them, chatting and eating together do make me feel so. Haha. Sorry to my company but I don’t mean to leave it.

Perhaps this is the group energy. It has transformed to become a motivational power to everyone boosting morale and passion. Meaning to say I am excited to sell their products more now. Lolll. Or may be this will only last few days, or 1 week the most. 😝 However this also means this meeting works, in term of motivating people to develop more business. I sincerely hope I can achieve some lah! God bless me. 😂

Anyway, this is indeed a great experience not only a new country to me but the group of people I am with. There will be another meeting next year, may be in Ireland, Paris or Puerta Rico. If you ask me am I going? My answer is: Not sure. Lolll. Firstly I need to still be with my company, secondly my company is still a distributor, and lastly, my company/manager allows me to go. Lol. Let’s see. It sounds exciting but I better don’t hope too much. I am grateful for this time.

Next trip? Korea. For another distributorship meeting for another product. Hahaha yayyy!!! Till then.

#018 – A Reflection A Day, Garen Tee Hooray – Motivationa Energy

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