#017 – Appreciate the Hidden Details

The most fun part of the day is the city tour! Wohooo.

It is sweet that they have arranged a relaxing tour for everyone. A professional and experienced tour guide accompanies us to walk around the historical city and explained the backgrounds of some important buildings.

In fact I have walked through these places the day before but I don’t know anything about the history lol. The place could be part of castle, the big square could be previous graveyard, the opera house could be previous ruler’s speaking stage and etc. If I don’t join the tour I would have known nothing about the historical city. Lol 😝

Sometimes, may be is millennials’ problem or may be just me, I don’t really have much interest about the hidden history or meaning behind the places and buildings 😆 OK my bad. However, perhaps this is because I don’t have much money to hire a tour guide. Lolll.

Of course it is good to know more so that we can have admired better. So should I say my reflection is, appreciate the hidden details behind every beautiful things. 🤣

Ok! Now I am still stuck with boring discussions, but! Later we will go for a river tour! Wohooo!!! Shiok.

#017 – A Reflection A Day, GarenTee Hooray – Appreciate the hidden details.

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