#016 – Be Inspired

Today is a serious day! Full day of training and learning. Thanks God, Jetlag is not in place!! I stay awake all the time. Wohooo. Or may be the coffees did help! Lol.

One interesting thing today is the visit to the company’s manufacturing facility. I always admire business owners who build things or an empire from scratch. The company we are working with is also the same. With a humble start, it is a global business today. So much works and efforts in place for sure. By witnessing this itself is already inspiring, of course with the business owner there somemore. Ok, too much of admiring. But it is true. lol.

Honestly it is really too much of knowledge absorption, brain and body are damn tired. So today a short reflection is: Be inspired all the time! Never stop being inspired. When we stop being inspired, we will stop the growing in ourselves too! Hehe! šŸ˜œ

Ok tired but now I am on a bus for the city tour! Lolll and I also hope the beers later won’t kill me. Wakaka

#016 – A reflection a day, GarenTee Hooray – Be inspired

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