#015 – Timisoara Romania!

After 17 hours journey, here is the First step of mine in Romania. Thanks God for the chance to visit Timişoara for a meeting + training. Europe country never fails to mesmerise me. The people, the Buidling, the weather, all are so lovely. I still didn’t get a chance to enjoy the fantastic scenery in Europe yet, but it is ok, I will come here again anyway.

Timişoara Romania

I Guess I am the rare Asian in Timişoara. I love this! Meaning I get to see “people” I prefer to see. What I love is, sitting at one place enjoying the cool wind and looking at people walking around. That’s what I am doing while writing this post.

Timişoara Romania – Victory Square (Piața Victoriei)

This place reminds me the saying “Westerners know how to enjoy life more than Asians”. Do you agree? I do. Being here makes me feel life is enjoyable. Buildings here are not built just to serve their purposes, they are well decorated and eye-pleasing. The architectures and the designs really make this city a wonderful place. By looking at how people chilling at cafe and drinking glasses of wines, you can tell that’s the way of enjoying life. Haha. Of course not to say life back in Asia sucks. Just a comparison. 😜

Perhaps being here alone still lacks of something. Perhaps coming here with loved ones or friends will make the trip more enjoyable.

Well today is the only 2 days I get to be alone, tomorrow will be packed with meetings and trainings and socialising. 🤣 Arghhh hope the people are easy to mingle (Introvert here! LOL)

Okie, I want to continue to admire the city and people. KThxBye

#015 – A Reflection A Day, GarenTee Hooray – Enjoying life at its Best

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