#013 – Identify Obsessions in life

Today I have the chance to perform in a church skit. The theme is WORLD IDOL. It is a simple plot which portraits our obsessions in life which make us so emotionally attached to. In short, the skit is like an “American Idol” show. There are 4 contestants:

  1. Mr. Phone (me!!!)
  2. Ms. Popularity
  3. Mr. Success
  4. Ms. Money

We each have a short speech and then a short singing performance. In the end, they ask the audience to vote who is their Idol using online voting platform “Menti.com”.

It is FUN! What performance I do is a song:

“Hey, I just met you, it is crazy, but here’s my facebook, so add me maybe;
It’s hard to look right at you baby, so use your mobile and vote me right now.”  (you know which song right? LOL)

And here is how I look! Damn patternnnnn!

Guess what’s the result! The answer is: “Money” wins! Perhaps that’s the true reality! LOL

So my question to you is, what’s your obsession(s) in your life? For example, drama (延禧攻略); Money; Relationship; Power; Control; Games; etc. However, obsessions may not be bad things but if we are too attached to them and blur our focuses, then it is a problem. Sometimes I am too obsessed with my games until I procrastinate things, this is totally my bad. And as a believer, I should put Jesus Christ at the center of my life, however, there are many world idols trying to tempt me. LOL. So we need to identify and get rid of the bad obsessions as soon as possible.

I guess the first step will definitely be IDENTIFICATION of Obsession. If we choose to be/act ignorant, we will still remain obsessed for sure. So if we truly want to be freed from bad obsessions, identify them first, remove them and resolve to good ones. 😍😍😍

#012 – A Reflection A day, Garen Tee Hooray – Identify Obsessions in Life

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