#012 – So Young yet so Tired?

TGIF yesterday, so I went for post-exhibition drinking session for like 1 hour, then after that went for the second round with my dearest ex-colleague. By the time I reached home, it was 2 am! The worst part was, I couldn’t wake up “naturally” the next day… I needed to wake up at 8 am!!! 6 hours of sleep sounds enough what? right? but unfortunately I am pampered, I need 8 hours of sleep at least to at least feel more energetic/normal the next day. And as long as I sleep late (after 12am), I will suffer for a few days. “OMG sound so old right? 27 years old? Sure or not?

Sometimes I wonder why is my body so OLD! I am not motivated to hang out late, don’t like young people’s activities (like clubbing), feel damn sleepy after alcohol! OMG. I need to call DOCTOR!!! In addition, some people do think I look old also… 😭😭😭

Well back to the story, today I have a full rehearsal for a skit (church performance) in the morning, worship practice in the afternoon, and then a lovely dinner at a friend’s place. I took a nap during lunch hour and before the dinner. LOL, I am like a sleep-deprived boy who has super low energy until I don’t talk a lot at all. Wahaha.

Glad that today I can sleep on time because tomorrow I need to wake up early again for church! Tomorrow I will perform in a skit and support the worship. Hope I can do well lar.

I guess the only way to make myself not so old, is to psycho myself I am damn young and energetic every morning! hahaha. And I do think exercise can boost my energy. I really need a routine exercise scheme! I NEED TO LIVE LIKE MY AGE! lol. POWER UP!

Alright, my brain can’t function anymore. It is time to… 😪😪

#012 – A reflection a day, Garen Tee Hooray – Good nightttzzzzz!

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