#011 – Luck? Opportunities are for those who are prepared.

Finally, the tiring exhibition is over! and it ends with a BANG! why do I say “BANG”? It is because… I win a lucky draw price – GOOGLE HOME!!! wohooooo! SO LUCKY ME. hahaha

Lucky? One of our favorite words in life. Luckily I didn’t buy that; Luckily I won a Toto; Luckily, I come at the right time! There are so many occasions that trigger the word “lucky” out of our mouths. But does luck really exist? This is a big philosophical question, which I do not know how to answer too. But I love the sentence “Happy go lucky”. Does this mean, when you are happy, everything you do will be smoother, and chances to achieve what you want are higher, and the best summary of the whole situation is the word “LUCKY”.

Talking about the lucky draw, perhaps it is really luck. But I guess in order to have the “luck” you need to take some actions for that. Imagine if I didn’t participate in the optional lucky draw, will I win the lucky draw price? Imagine if I didn’t put efforts to study, will I get a good score in the exam out of luck? Imagine if i didn’t work hard for a tender, will I win the contract purely out of luck?

So I can’t comment on existence of luck, but I also believe the Opportunities are for People who are prepared! Agree?

Short reflection today because it is TGIF! Yay!!!

#011 – A reflection A day, Garen Tee Hooray – Luck? Opportunity is for those who are prepared.

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