#010 – Seize the Opportunity

Stationing in an exhibition booth can be so tiring! But I am happy to be able to support PSC Biotech in ISPE Pharma Exhibition. Done day #1 and day #2 awaits. There is an interesting incident today. We prepared an OPPO phone for a lucky draw. As long as visitors put their name cards in, they stand a chance to win. Unfortunately, not many people drop their name cards at our booth. At the end of the day, we only have around 10-15 cards.

Just nice, there is a networking session before we call it a day. So a lot of people (visitors, exhibitors, and conference attendees) gather around the organizer and wait for the BIG lucky draw from the organizer (a Google Home!!! but sadly I wasn’t picked lor!!! Damn sienz). Anyway, I see the crowd and know it is the perfect opportunity to let our lucky draw shine! So I take the initiative and talk to the organizer, she is supportive and sporting enough. Using her mic, she announces the extra lucky draw from my company and encourages everyone to drop a card for A MOBILE PHONE! The effect is PHENOMENAL. Everyone is excited and takes out their card immediately. BOOMBBBB!!! We have so so so many cards. Even though some of them may be our competitors or irrelevant parties, at least we achieve our objectives of getting a lot of cards. Having said that, we may get some cards with good potentials too. Objective βœ”, Cards βœ”, and we are 😊.

I doubt we will have such crowd if we do the lucky draw tomorrow. So I guess this is a wise choice. If I didn’t seize this opportunity, we may end up having a pathetic lucky draw haha.

This reminds me of how aggressive I used to be in University time. I want it, I will get it, no matter how. Be it an overseas internship, leadership opportunity, student exchange, contests and etc. Now perhaps I need to charge up my “drive” to identify an opportunity and seize it without hesitation. 😎 vromm vroooommmm…

Would you agree with me? Don’t let good opportunities slip away.

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#010 – A Reflection a day, Garen Tee Hooray – Seize the Opportunity.

Yay!!! This is the 10th blog! hope you like this and support support.

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