#009 – Negative Emotion?

Due to setting up the company exhibition for tomorrow, I unintentionally OT (overtime) today. In addition, I needed to drive and do the laborious works. This, unexpectedly, made me feel exhausted. Reached home late, the moment I finished my dinner (Mixed Rice again), my friend “jio” (asked) me to play a mobile game (The addictive Mobile Legend). “Sure, let’s play” I said. WHO KNOWS, I lost two rounds of games and felt sooooooo annoyed! 😡🤬😡 Then the negative emotion sank in. What’s even more irritating was I saw a Toastmasters related stuff got delayed again! I couldn’t accept the thing kept delaying due to stupids things!!! 🤬😡🤬 I was officially not in a good mood.

I wanted to skip today’s reflection as I was not in the right mood to write. But this negativity inspired me to write this today. Who says we cannot be emotional and feel down. I think this is an emotion or a gift from God. Of course, we shouldn’t indulge in this kinda emotion too much.

Most of the people would say I am a sunshine boy, I always look happy. But in fact, I am also a human lah. I feel unhappy sometimes over something. It is impossible for a person to be immune towards negative emotion, agree?

So that’s also why I love night view. Because night view suits my negative side. I can unleash and release my negative emotions when looking at beautiful and calming night views. My favorite night view? Hong Kong! I could even have tears when emo-ing with the night. However, I do think all of us need a way to let negativity out of our souls. Only when we eliminate negativity in our heart, only then we can fill it with positivity.

What’s your method to let go of your negativity?

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#008 – A Reflection A Day, Garen Tee Hooray – Negative Emotion?

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