#008 – Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Today we had lunch at IMM because we wanted to buy something at Daiso. After my boss has done the payment, he came out with 2 plastic bags for all the items we bought. But there was one ice-cream bought by another colleague (from HR) didn’t have plastic bag. Then she “complaint” : “How can I carry this ice-cream oh? Hold like this till office a?”. Then everyone said: “Oh then get a plastic bag lah.”

(Are you thinking this is a recycle advertisement, NO! lol)

I walked to the counter and requested one plastic bag for her. Then the colleague screamed: “Wah, you guys say say only, only Garen goes and takes for me!”. The rest, of course acted sarcastic, said: “Ya lo ya lo, Garen best lah, why not Garen joins the HR team also”, “Garen, later please attend HR meeting at 2pm ok? then we don’t need to join liao”, etc etc and etc. FYI, the HR colleague is the HR director. LOL. You must be thinking this Garen is very good at boot-licking (somehow true 😂😂😂, no lah please).

But the point is, ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS ma. When everyone only knows how to say but doesn’t know how to do, the world will stop moving lor. This reminds me of my experiences whereby the people are marvelous at throwing IDEAS, but when coming to execution, they disappear.  Have you encountered this before? Super Jiaklat (terrible). That’s why people love “Do-er” not “Talk-er”.

A big BUT here, we can’t just do without expressing ourselves/opinions, or else your visibility will be way too low. Strike a balance on this. But still, all in all, actions still speak louder than words. This is applicable everywhere, be it at work, relationship, or anything.

So, are you a “do-er” or ‘talk-er”?

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#008 – A Reflection A Day, Garen Tee Hooray – Action speaks louder than words.

I started this blog series because… please read here (https://garen-tee.com/2018/08/21/a-reflection-a-day-garentee-hooray/)

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