#006 – A Business IDEA!

Sunday! Before facing the reality tomorrow, I must … do exercise! haha. So I went to SWIM just now. When I reached the public pool, something was very wrong. People were swimming in one direction and after each lap, they got out of the pool and walked to another end and repeat. “Gosh! I come at the wrong time! I want my peaceful swim!!!”. Later on I realized the swimming pool center was organizing an event. There were rewards for the swimmers; 5 laps to exchange a water-proof phone bag; 10 laps to exchange a foldable bag; and 25 laps to get a water-proof Bluetooth ear piece. Basically they are encouraging people to swim more and have a healthy lifestyle. But sadly I arrived too late, only managed to get a phone bag within the limited time! I wanted the ear piece lehhhh… 😒

But anyway, I was INSPIRED! 😎 With the cheapskate attitude I have and most people have (Yes talking about you), we should have a website or app that gather all the contests/events with rewards! I should have known such swimming event earlier so that I could go and win the price I want! hahahahaha. There are, in fact, a lot of companies doing such events/contests too just that we do not know most of the time. My marketing friend once told me not many people are aware of certain contests and thus low participating rate, for example those in Watson (e.g. buy one product = 1 entry for lucky draw).

So! We can have a website/app gathering all these information. People can easily scan through the events/contests they want to join, especially those events with generous give-aways! You must be thinking “how to earn money wo?”. The solution will be SPONSORED events/contests! They pay you to be more visible la. haha. That’s one possible way to sustain the business, more ideas, you need to pay me consultation fee lor. Well if you are going to materialize this idea after reading this blog, please do remember to thank me. If this idea is already on the market, please PM me, those are for cheapskate people like ME! haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ok I love to throw ideas because I believe my brain spins when I am being creative. Hope I get more ideas in the future too. ✌✌✌

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Thanks for reading 😍

#006 – A Reflection A Day, GarenTee Hooray – A business Idea

To understand why I started this blog series, please read here (https://garen-tee.com/2018/08/21/a-reflection-a-day-garentee-hooray/)

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