#005 – Back to Home recently?

Saturday was a relaxing day in my hometown; breakfast with friend, lunch, and dinner with family, and supper with friends. The best part was the afternoon beauty nap after a Durian feast. Haha. That’s the awesome schedule and what I love to do at home.

Ever since pre-uni time, I left my sweet home to stay outside for almost 10 years already. Given me a choice, of course, I would love to stay at my home with my parents and family. Just imagine yummy meals from my mum after work every day! Merely a thought like this is so wonderful already. Unfortunately, I don’t have such luxury, I can only come back once/twice a month.

Sometimes I wish I have a car so that I can simply drive home from Singapore as and when I want. But I can’t afford the car 😭😭😭, at least, for now. I have no choice but to travel on public transport.

However this hassle shouldn’t stop me from visiting my parents and stay in my home sweet home, even just for a weekend. Time with family is precious, that’s why we need to treasure as much as possible.

So my friends, have you been going home? Remember to do so too.

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#005 – A reflection a day, GarenTee Hooray.

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