#004 – Don’t be On Time, be in Time

TGIF!!! Clock shows 5pm and it is time to…. go Home! This time round it is Home in Muar. Yay!

But as everyone should know the Malaysia-Singapore custom is always a nightmare especially Friday evening. Left without a choice, I have to go through this! The bus to my “Home-Sweet-Home” departs at 630 pm from JB Larkin Bus Terminal. Today, so “luckily”, no hitch driver bothered to pick me up, I had to take the expensive GrabShare to SG custom. I was late to book the Grab and thus my journey to custom was delayed. When I reached SG custom, it was 540pm! What in front of me was the crazy long queue! It took me 25 minutes to get my passport scanned and another 10 minutes to board a bus to JB. By that time, it was 615pm. I left just 15 minutes! In fact, my Brother was there earlier and bought a ticket for me. I didn’t want to miss the bus or else I needed to take another bus at 7pm to somewhere else and it would cause more trouble to my parents to fetch me.

15 minutes to cross the bridge, get my passport scanned, and travel to bus terminal seemed like a Mission impossible. I prayed so so so hard that time (always pray the hardest in hard time, LOL!) so that I could still get the bus. In my heart I knew bus driver would never leave on time and I bet on that! Malaysia Ma. Haha.

Thanks God, it took me 15 minutes to cross the bridge and scan my passport at malaysia custom. Another 15 minutes to reach Larkin terminal. By the time I reached, it was 645pm!!!

Guess what, I… made it!!! Wohooo! Thanks to my Brother who stopped the bus for me. So damn touched 😭😭😭.

Except being grateful, it is still grateful. I thank God for making this Mission impossible possible. Yay.

Lesson learnt? Depart earlier next time lar, don’t wait for hitch (just to save money) and make myself mentally suffer (gan jiong die). :p

So don’t be just on time, be in time. This is a good attitude we should have in life too. Be it meeting customers, friends or family. A reminder for myself.

Have you been in time, always?

#004 – A Reflection A Day, GarenTee Hooray

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