#003 – Muscle and Grit

Out-of-no-where again, I visited a Singapore public gym today! Well, you know, I hope I can be bigger in size with more muscles, especially wider shoulder and broader chest so that I can look more confident and (more!) charming (must emphasize the more, lollll Thick Face siaaa). In fact, I dislike being so skinny, NO COMPLAINT, just hope can be bigger in size ma, even though, I am shocked that I am now at historical weight; 67 kg!

FYI, typically those public gyms are full of people! especially muscleman. I always wonder how they can be like that but I cannot! The answer is obvious, they persevere and work hard, not like me. LOL. So I strongly believe they all have GRIT on the journey of fitness. Tirelessly hitting the gym and consistently working out are fueled by their strong passions to have beautiful bodies. Just that I sometimes cannot TAHAN (abide) some guys will look in the mirror and admire their own bodies larrr.

Talking about GRIT, I love this word. This is what I think I am lacking in my life. 3-minutes-warmth is always my biggest problem. Once I lose the interest, I don’t bother. But in fact, with GRIT, we can achieve a lot of things in life or even become successful in certain things. Grit is a combination of perseverance and passion that pushes us forward to our goals. I guess GRIT is not a skill that can be acquired overnight. It takes time to nurture and practice. Hopefully, I have the GRIT to continue my A-Reflection-A-Day Challenge despite no viewership at all! (SADDDD). It is ok, this is for my own GOOD!

There is a book about GRIT, written by Angela Duckworth. I am going to read this one day.

Image result for Grit

Let’s be Gritty in life OK?

(300 words)

#003 – A Reflection A Day, GarenTee Horray

To understand why there is a number (#003) and I keep writing, please read this (https://garen-tee.com/2018/08/21/a-reflection-a-day-garentee-hooray/).

Thank you.

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