#002 -Money or Honey

Haji Holiday today, now I feel like Saturday, tomorrow can skip work a? Tomorrow is Sunday right? (SLAPPPpppppp)

Since today is a holiday and I feel itchy want to karaoke, so I “jio” my colleague to sing lo. It was so fun! Finally, I could sing my heart out! After SingK, we went to eat Sukiya (All you can eat Shabu Shabu style). During the dinner, we were discussing an interesting topic.

“Would you rather take a boring and skilless job with high pay OR a work that can grow you but lesser pay?” A real example could be, a security guard with a 10k salary or a marketing executive in the office with 3k salary? Of course, provided you can’t do your own thing/side business when you are a security guard lah! Which will be your choice? 🤔

For me, I would take the marketing executive job with lower pay. At least at work, I can learn and keep growing myself. Maybe one day I can earn more than 10k and I get to taste the sweetness (like Honey) of my hard work. If I took a job with high pay but zero growth, my brain will grow grass I guess. And the job may have stagnant pay increment too.

Most of us may dislike working but think about it, what is in it for you? You can work hard and gain sufficient experience so that you can climb the career ladder or start something on your own in the future? If we know what we want in life, perhaps we will face our work optimistically and ultimately feel happier.

So, it is your choice.

Money or Honey?

I want both! Let’s work hard and SMART for a better future. 😊

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#002 – A Reflection a day, GarenTee Hooray – Money or Honey

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