#001 – A Reflection A Day, GarenTee Hooray!

#001 – Daily Reflection

21st August 2018, a Haji holiday eve. I went for a run and I was inspired out-of-no-where. The “inspiration” is to write a blog every day, about my reflection of the day.Β  Believe me, I have bought this domain for almost a year. I wanted to write every week but sadly failed until today.

OK! Now I must do something about it! So I have made a slogan “A reflection a day, GarenTee Hooray” to boost my motivation!!! However, I am not so sure how long this 3-minutes-warmth will last. So I need your help! A like or a reminder will elongate my out-of-the-where motivation, sorry for being damn millennia here, chasing after likes and viewership. Well, an authentic millennial here what? lol

Back in University, I dreamt to be a famous blogger; everything can be sponsored; event invites never stop; easy money drops from the sky. But I got no Captain-America look; no JKRowling writing skills; no special SteveJob talents. What to do??? No reward no motivation leh! (damn millennia again, wahpiang!!!)

So today being single, bored, and nothing-better-to-do, I have decided to embark on a meaningful journey; to reflect every day of my life, and to always become a better ME! Don’t care got viewership or not (little GarenT: actually I care), don’t care about reward (little GarenT: actually I care), what I care is I really write something that can improve myself one step at a time. I believe one day I will be a GREAT man… 🌟🌟🌟 (provided I really reflect everyday lah).

If you are reading this, please be a good Samaritan, read liao, please like ok? lol. Or at least remind me if you notice I am MIA! haha. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» I promise I will limit to 300 words, sometimes 400, or worst is 500 words lah, so that you can be entertained quickly, and I don’t need to type until my hands sour.

Thanks for reading, first Reflection is to have daily reflection, so that we can improve ourselves every day.

#aReflectionaDay #GarenTeeHooray Challenge, Here I come!

(340 words)

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