The 26th Year – Happy Birthday to ME

Yay! Officially 26th years old! Level up once again together with the age. People say age is just a number, true enough but looking back these 25 years, I have completed a quarter of life!!! (Assuming we suppose to have 100 years to live)

I have to say I suffer from the quarter-life crisis in my 25th year. What I gonna do in future, what’s my destiny, what I really want, what can I do, and etc. It has always been a struggle hidden behind my big bright smile. No joke that I always pray for God to reveal his plan and arrangement for me almost every day. Perhaps the inner inferiority engulfs me and makes me feel negative. Or perhaps the illusion coming from the desire to shine bright like a diamond is blinding who I actually am. Perhaps I am another victim of living under others’ expectations. Perhaps I am just … not good enough.

To some people, I am just discontented, but that’s me. I have never felt truly satisfied, my heart always hungers for more!

Life is always unfair and life is not an easy straight road. What I wish doesn’t always happen as it is. I almost stop wishing and imagining, simply afraid of disappointment… Rest assured, no depression here.

However I shall not lose the hope, as I am just 26 and it’s just getting started, isn’t it?

First quarter maybe not up to standard but the chance to make the second quarter an amazing one is still in my hands. I pray that God continues to show me the way and lead me the way. After all, knowing Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of all in my first quarter. Our past doesn’t define our future, ohhhh yeahhhh. There are so many things in the world to explore, there are so many things I want to achieve, there are so many things I want to experience. And there are so many things about myself I want to know. If I can truly understand myself, I can have the clarity and answers to all the doubts and questions in life.

Commitment is what I need. Not just “I wish” and “I want”, but “I commit”.

I commit to living to fullest;
I commit to being the light of Jesus Christ;
I commit to leaving no regret!

I wish myself happy birthday. And I wish you, who are reading, to truly know yourselves too. Let’s do this!!! God Bless You.

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