T Harv Eker – Millionaire Mind Intensive (Singapore) – REVIEW

Millionaire Mind Intensive Logo – Source: Success Resource

HOW many of you have heard of MILLIONAIRE MIND INTENSIVE (MMI)?

T Harv Eker, the author of the best selling book – Secrets of The Millionaire Mind, has designed a series of programs and training. 

One of the most famous programs or the beginner program is the MILLIONAIRE MIND INTENSIVE (MMI). It is a three days program from early morning till evening. 

1. Worthy to attend Millionaire Mind Intensive? 
2. Is Millionaire MindIntensive useful? 
3. Can I be a Millionaire after attending Millionaire Mind Intensive???

I have the same questions! But his book (Secrets of The Millionaire Mind) is really convincing and powerful. It stirs a lot of thoughts in my mind. So I am fully motivated to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore.

*I will definitely write a REVIEW of the Secret of The Millionaire Mind book on day*

Sadly I paid for the tickets, while others got free tickets from somewhere else. 
Anyway, the ~ S$ 100/pax is utterly well spent for this three days course. 

Here we go! Review of Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore

I will briefly describe the highlights of the event. 
And my learning 🙂
Promise: HONEST Review of Millionaire Mind Intensive

Details of Event:

Date: 10th March 2017 – 13th March 2017
Venue: EXPO Singapore
Participants: ~ 500 people

Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore – with June Ooi
I went with my future business partner, June, hoping we will have the same mindset when doing business 🙂

Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore 

As you can see, few hundreds of people are in a hall with excitement and anticipation.

Even though I do hope to see T Harv Eker in the training, that is only a dream. Instead of Harv, Mac Attram is the lead trainer for this Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore.

Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore Lead Trainer – Mac Attram
He is undeniable a good speaker and trainer. He can engage the audience easily and possess wonderful skills in storytelling. Needless to say, he is confident, humorous, entertaining and knowledgeable. But he can be quite particular and fierce on certain things such as video recording (prohibited throughout the event) or undesired interruption of the activities led by him. 
Of course the trainers in such money related function are always broke at the beginning before the training and get rich after attending the programs. He is one of them. When a lot people choose to leave the hall instead of listening to his sales talk (second evening), he kind of care/mind/little unhappy about it. XD

But no worry, he is considered an excellent speaker, which mean you are in good hand when you see him. 
But his assistant trainer (the lead trainer-to-be), Tim, is not that good. Tim is not so natural in his delivery and I can sense he is not really enjoying the training as Mac does. My friend June agrees too. He needs to sharpen his skills as I forgot most of the things he taught 🙂

A three days event is really intensive and could be tiring. So Success Resource always keep the energy of their events, including this one, at very high level. So you will expect some dancing, clapping and high-five throughout the event. These are what make the event fun and enjoyable.

Ok, I think I talk too much on the trainer and how the event is conducted. 

Personally, it is WORTHY to attend this Millionaire Mindset Intensive. (8/10)

The main purpose is to change your mindset towards money and money management.

Firstly everyone will be given a workbook. Mostly are fill-in-the-blanks and plenty space for participants to take note. This is GOOD! 

Then at the beginning of the MMI, they lead you to think about your mindset toward money. There is a series of questions to help us getting the answers from our inner hearts. E.g. Money is root of all evil? Money isn’t important? 

Second part
Once you have a rough idea what money and being rich mean to you. Then they slowly instill the correct mindset in you. 
They talk about financial freedom (passive income > Expenses), passive income, money management and etc.

One of the most important take-away is the JAR SYSTEM. 
The JAR System is basically the money allocation system. There are 6 accounts under the JAR Sysmte. E.g. 55% of your income spent on necessity; 10% put in investment (Financial Freedom Account); 10% put in Education account and others. 
This is a viable system to me. Even though they recommend certain percentages on each account, I will prefer to set the percentage for myself. Generally we always spill our accounts into Expenses and Saving (possibly investment as well). This doesn’t include some plans for self improvement. 

Tony Robbins said:
Tony Robbins Quote, Source: QuoteFancy.com
A lot time, we are stingy on education (That’s me). So this jar system suggests that we spare some money to be spent on educations, be it a short term course, training and talks, to learn something new. 
Once you allocate a budget for certain thing (education for this case), you are mentally prepared to spend the money on it. Agree? PAY YOURSELF FIRST. 
At least, I feel that way. Some money allocated to join Toastmasters, I pay the membership fee with the money without feeling “pain” in the heart.

*Secret: When they are emphasizing on education fund allocation, they are actually indirectly brainwashing you mind to BUY their advanced programs 😀

If you want to learn more about the Jar System, you can attend Millionaire Mind Intensive 🙂

Third Part
They talk about Money Blueprint and Beliefs.
The roots of a tree produce the fruits of the tree. In short, the roots produce the fruits.
It makes sense! So our mind is like the root, what we think and feel will lead to the results. 
Mental, Spirit and Emotion = Physical (Results)

T Harv Eker well known saying: Thoughts lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Action, Action brings Results. 

During this part, the speaker shared some stories from the book (exactly the same) to prove that it has to do with out mind. However they don’t really emphasize on setting our Money Blueprint (throughout the seminar) that aggressively like the book does. I suppose this is an important part as Money Blueprint determines the value we set for ourselves. They do talk about the golden goose story and ask us to set a value. However they should put on a bit weight on this part, in my opinion. 

Then here comes the interesting and useful part. Identify how we get the belief about money and remove it. E.g. your parents show certain attitudes towards money and this leaves an impact on you. You tend to follow your model (parents in this case) unconsciously. 

Through activities and words, they want us to change the belief structure. You must be curious about HOW? I can’t tell you this, you need to experience yourself 🙂 

NOTE: I do not work for Success Resources or MMI.

One way they think can change our mind is by doing declarations. Reading our some positive sentences + some actions to let these thoughts settle in our mind. 

Declaration Papers

Fourth Part

Identify your purpose. As motivator always say, your life purpose or purpose of bring rich must be greater than yourself. if we focus on traveling around the world, buying big houses and etc, we cannot go far and will not be Happy. 

So they ask us to think and write down our purposes of being wealthy. 

I agree what Jim Rohn said:

If we wake up every morning knowing our life purposes, will we feel bored or demotivating? Instead we will know how to get the stage we want.

There are other parts like money personality (Spender, Saver, Monk and Avoider), acknowledging successes (Success Breeds Success) and others. 

They are trying to remove our negative emotions towards money and re-frame the past. 

Last Part
Call To Action! Encouragement like “Act in spite of fear”. Our brain naturally protects us and warns us of danger. A lot of “what if” will pop out in our mind especially when we do something new and adventurous. 

So here is the interesting thing, MMI tells us that the secret of freedom is to realize that you don’t have to believe your mind! (WHAT so is our soul the one tells our brain, “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU”??? Haha, Sorry I am confused) Anyway, we need to have awareness about our thoughts and say “Thank you for sharing” to the negative ones. 
The Secret! The Secret! The Secret to success is to learn to

Mac said: “If you want to get rich, the first step is to start a BUSINESS!”

*You will expect an interesting “Arrow Breaking” Activity as described in the book too.

Do you notice I put a lot of Minion High Five photo in there? That’s exactly what they love to ask us to do! Give high five to your neighbours and shout “You! Have a millionaire mind!” 
It is so FUN! Whoever has attended this seminar, they 100% + double confirmed know about this! hahaha

All in all, as I said, it is worthy to attend this mindset changing program. 
My biggest take-away is – There is nothing wrong to be wealthy, instead with the wealth we have, we can bless more people. The negative thoughts about money shall be removed and we shall take actions to get rich!

You must be OPEN and PARTICIPATE to fully experience their programs. Just remove the skeptical mind and go to have FUN. It is a great place to know more people too, just beware of aggressive MLM people 🙂 And please train your stamina as three days are quite tiring too.

Kindly remember, the reason why this 3-days program is cheap, is because they just want to attract you in to sell you more things (The really expensive ones). So, please do expect a lot of sales talks inside. The advanced program (Quantum Leap and Warrior Camp really sound GOOD! haha. This proves they are magnificent promoter!)
P/S: Don’t waste your money to buy the over-priced and thin book “SpeedWealth”.

Oh ya, the best part is, they give us a 90-days wealth conditioning program workbook too! This workbook can help us to retain the lessons during MMI and root the lessons in mind. NICE!!! 

Guys, Enjoy the Millionaire Mind Intensive and Be a Millionaire!!! 

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